A Deeper Dive Into the World of Remediation Women’s Advocacy and More with Karli Levin E21

Robert and J.J. sit down with Karli Levin to discuss asbestos abatement, remediation and more. Karli also discusses her social media strategy, specifically how it pertains to her utilization of LinkedIn. Karli is a fascinating woman with many skills and interests. Including her dream to own a facility that teaches different sports to special needs children.

Karli speaks to remediation, social media, women’s advocacy and more.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, Alliance Environmental Group has an executive committee and leadership that understands the environmental remediation and indoor air quality industries. Their team is experienced and skilled across all areas of business including operations, finance, marketing, sales, and customer service.

The teams complete more than 1,500 jobs every month and operate under the proprietary Quality Control Program. To date, Alliance staff members have successfully completed more than 200,000 projects — from residential duct removals to full-scale commercial building abatement.

Alliance Environmental Group strives to set the industry standard by providing safe, efficient, high-quality services. They rely on quality of service, industry expertise and honest communication to consistently provide a safe environment and adapt existing services as needed to keep up with rapidly changing industry guidelines and legal regulations.

Karli Levin was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She attended UW-Madison, Go Badgers, and graduated with a degree in Business.

After graduation, 19 of her family members picked up and left Wisconsin and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she started her career in the hospitality industry. After 3 years of being in the industry, she then moved into the medical field where she was the head of sales for a physical therapy company.

Karli comes from strong ties to the medical field, so her love of selling to physicians shined through. She then transitioned to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she started her career in the construction/environmental industry. She has now been in the industry for 6 years.

She recently moved back to Arizona which allowed her too not only be closer to her family again but grow in her career as she covers both the Las Vegas and Arizona Markets.

She has 3 siblings and 3 nephews, as well as, one niece. She love’s spending time with her family. She participates in the Autism Speaks foundation in honor of her oldest nephew who is autistic.

A dream of Karli’s is to one day open up a gym for special needs children, where they can learn different sports and feel comfortable doing so. She loves to travel and see new places. She has a huge passion for health and wellness. She has completed 6 half marathons and recently has taken up Pilates.

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