AI: From Novelty To Utility with Vincent Serpico and Ana Tomboulian

Vincent Serpico is the Founder and CEO of Founders Workshop, established in June 2009. Located in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Founders Workshop stands out as a unique software development company specializing in creating mobile and web applications for entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Utilizing a business-centric approach, Vincent has overseen the development of over 150 scalable software products. In addition to his role at Founders Workshop, he recently co-founded Decision Tree AI, a venture dedicated to helping businesses optimize their data and processes through artificial intelligence. Vincent is also an active angel investor.

A visionary leader in the AI industry, Ana Tomboulian is no stranger to innovation and transformation. As a 2nd time founder in AI, she has dedicated her career to identifying and seizing missed opportunities for businesses, translating into millions in reclaimed revenue. With an impressive thirteen years of hands-on experience in software development for production environments, Ana’s passion for mentorship and teaching reflects her philosophy of “learning by doing.” A student of life, her blend of technical prowess, leadership, and dedication
to real-world problem-solving makes her an influential figure in the tech industry.

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