Aspire to do More Than Your Share with James Murphy with Willmeng E20

Industry leader and mentor, James Murphy, CEO of Willmeng shares the holistic dream of his organization whereby the personal development is equally as important as the professional development. James and JJ dive into organizations such as NAIOP and ABA and discuss their roles and benefits in growing the local construction environment. They top off the conversation with a discussion on attracting and developing talent in our industry.

Willmeng places nothing more important to the organizational health of the company than their overall focus on culture. By bringing different personalities together and embracing their individual contributions, the culture is rich, strong and uniquely different.

With a true family feel and the opportunity to participate in building a genuine place of purpose for clients and employees, Willmeng has the distinct advantage of something exceptional and special in the culture.

Their strategic vision focuses on three fundamental aspects: supporting prelease transactions; maintaining the ability to competitively bid projects small and large, and fostering the “altruistic service” corporate culture established by recruiting highly talented individuals of great character.

James Murphy joined Willmeng in 1999 as a project manager and spent time in every position in the firm, as he brought leadership to the most technically and time-challenged projects the firm had built to date. In January of 2006, he purchased the company and became President and CEO.

In his current role as CEO, James heavily focuses on the business needs in a growth market, initiatives for diversity in service offerings, and developing teams for the future. James selectively adds to the team based on cultural, workplace assessments, and critical internal growth opportunities.

By growing a team based on client needs and a highly driven mindset, James has directly built a team of over 300 employees who can convey a solid culture while possessing complementing skill sets.

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