Creating a Better Blue Collar Community with Forrest Dorhmann of Eagle Eye Productions E16

Forrest Dorhmann of Eagle Eye productions met with J.J. and Robert to discuss creating a better culture in the blue collar world. Forrest and his team utilize various methods to help create a better culture for employers to attract quality employees.

Learn how a mind set of service to others can turn into a lucrative business strategy.

Eagle Eye Productions is a company based in the DFW metroplex that provides construction consulting work for Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas, Forestry and Transportation companies across the US and International markets.

Through their main services being Media, Branding, Web Development, Operational Development and Training Eagle Eye Productions has a goal to change companies through building a foundation for people centered service culture companies. Their core mission is to create a community build on values that create “Limitless Boundaries”.

Their team believes that with a big enough community of companies focused on doing what’s right above what’s making them more money, there will be real change in the blue collar industries and may solve some workforce issues we see today.

Dohrmann first got his first opportunity to get a taste of the construction industry as a freshman in high school at the age of 12-13 working as an intern at a local Drafting agency in his small town.

Throughout the years in high school he stayed interested in the industry and began working his junior and senior years full time as a laborer and carpenter at a local remodeling business while also doing duel enrollment in Gainesville FL Santa Fe College.

After officially graduating high school online through his college, he decided to drop out of college and keep working as a carpenter and foreman in the Gainesville and surrounding areas.

Shortly after he moved to the DFW area where he began his career learning commercial construction working for a few General Contractors. Working from a carpenter to foreman, Assistant Superintendent to Project Engineer He realized there was a massive issue in the construction industry and decided to make some changes in the industry by starting his company now, Eagle Eye Productions.

Young but with over 13 years experience in the industry, his goal is to learn as much about how blue collar businesses operate so his company can help offer value to the areas they need help.

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