Facilities Management to the Great Outdoors with Marshall Macfarlane

Marshall Macfarlane, Operations Manager, C3 Engineering

A Millwright/Industrial Mechanic by trade, I’m a Facilities Management professional with significant experience in security, operations, and emergency planning. Very proficient in participating on construction teams and bringing new facilities online, including operations. Very knowledgeable in Preventive and Predictive maintenance and processes related to Facilities Management. Presenter on a variety of topics. Currently, I am the Operations Manager at C3 Engineering, an Electrical Conformity, Compliance and Consulting Company.

I’m also a freelance outdoor writer and editor since 1984, having been published in both print and online media. I enjoy hunting, fishing and volunteering.

I have two Bachelor’s degrees from NAU – one in Emergency Management, and one in Public Agency Administration. Currently enrolled in the MBA program at Park University. I’m a Canadian Army Veteran and live with my wife Karole and three dogs in Queen Creek.


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