Home loans based on data vs emotion: are rising interest rates all bad?

With Greg Gale, Senior Loan Officer and Branch Manager NOVA Home Loans

Greg joined the mortgage industry in 2005. Prior to that, he was a personal trainer and martial arts instructor for 17 years. Greg notes that 30+ years of martial arts, where persistence, honor, and integrity are the heart of daily practice, was a perfect lead into his role as financial advisor in the mortgage industry. The Gale Team is a full-service loan origination business, committed to providing innovative mortgage solutions and real estate strategies. They focus on helping people accumulate wealth through Real Estate.

In his role as team leader, Greg stresses the importance of integrity, a positive attitude, patience, creativity, and respect for all things. This team defines communication as one of the single most important elements in a successful loan transaction. They are committed to returning calls promptly, providing regular status updates and being available as needed throughout the process. Greg and his team really listen to client’s needs, and then seek the best possible solutions, exceeding their client’s expectations. The team priority is to create a GREAT client EXPERIENCE.

Since 2014, Greg has been coaching for a national coaching company, The Core Training, traveling the country training Lenders and Real Estate Professionals. The 3 main focuses are to Generate and Convert Leads, grow a team to create a great client experience and to manage their money.

On a personal note, Greg is passionate about helping other people. He is a regular contributor to various Charities and the entire team participates in Community Events throughout the year.


Holly Corley, NOVA Home Loans, Branch Business Development Manager

Holly has a background in marketing and PR and is the right hand to Greg Gale.Β  She assists and works in the marketing and PR events to NOVA Home Loan’s branch, realtors and clients.

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