How To Partner With Caring Trailblazers With Casey Strunk and George Dorsey

Casey Strunk has been a Licensed Insurance Broker since 2004. He joined Strunk Insurance Group to join his father’s business that same year, after graduating from Northwestern University.

Casey’s unique approach to Employee Benefits has earned him a spot amongst Arizona’s Top Brokers year over year with the Phoenix Business Journal.

Serving as President & Owner of Strunk Insurance Group and Strunk HR since 2018, Casey empowers each of the firm’s team members to continue to push the envelope in terms of what it means to be a committed advocate for their clients.

Casey is also a devoted father, husband, and takes time to give back to his community by serving on multiple Board of Directors for organizations who serve the youth of Arizona.

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George Dorsey specializes in companies that have over 124 employees, mainly blue collar. We specialize in job costing and labor distribution. We understand how important your employees in the field are and still need to be kept in the loop!

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