Josh Umar with American Subcontractors Association of Arizona E12

Josh Umar, Executive Director, of American Subcontractors Association of Arizona joined us for an informative session about ASA and the benefits they offer for members and non-members alike. Josh is all about engagement and ASA embodies his leadership. Stick around to the end and listen to the cool experiences of falconry (one of Joshโ€™s main hobbies).

ASA of Arizona is a nonprofit association with more than 210 members. The vast majority are trades companies of every specialty and size. Their mission is to to enhance the ability of businesses from every sector of the subcontracting community to thrive via advocacy, collaboration, education, and networking.

Their vision is an Arizona in which the subcontracting community is the most respected and influential stakeholder in the construction industry.

Josh Umar is the Executive Director of ASA of Arizona, where he started in June of 2020. With over 210 members, ASA is a leading voice for the interests of trades companies statewide regardless of specialty or size.

He came to ASA-AZ by way of the award-winning Build Your Future Arizona (BYFAZ) campaign. Based out of the Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation, BYFAZ is a three year, $3M industry-led career awareness effort aimed at inspiring the next generation of skilled tradespeople to take action and enter construction.

Before that, Josh was the Executive Director of the Highland County Chamber of Commerce in Virginia. His portfolio included government relations and member services, and he was responsible for organizing the countyโ€™s annual Maple Festival (50,000 attendees).

He has a strong background in nonprofit leadership, strategic planning, and advocacy.


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