Say Yes to Everything, Work Your Way to No with Glenn Williamson

Meet Glenn Williamson, Founder & CEO of the Canada Arizona Business Council (CABC), on the latest episode of MAC & Bleu! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿค๐ŸŒต This globetrotting #entrepreneur sat down with MAC & Bleu host, J.J. Levenske to share his early beginnings in business, leading to the founding of several companies, a treasure trove into his diverse business / #leadership background and current dedication to building CAN-AZ trade & investment

Hear Glenn’s story on this week’s MAC & Bleu podcast episode “Say Yes to Everything, Work Your Way to No” – now playing on Youtube & all major #podcast platforms!

Glenn Williamson is a seasoned business leader with a deep understanding of the relationship between Canada and Arizona. He is the founder and CEO of the Canada Arizona Business Council (CABC), a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing trade and investment between Canada and Arizona. Under his leadership, CABC has created an elite network of executives that span across every major sector, fostering a strong cross-border relationship that has resulted in significant growth in trade and tourism. He is also known for his strategic and risk-taking leadership style, which has been instrumental in elevating businesses in both regions.


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