Spiriting Legal Frontiers: From Cannabis to the Metaverse with Jordan Rose & Chris Webb

Jordan Rose, the founder of Rose Law Group, is a visionary entrepreneur and accomplished attorney. Her journey began when she leased a small space in another lawyer’s storage room, starting the firm from scratch. Over the course of 23 years, Jordan Rose has transformed Rose Law Group into a prominent legal powerhouse.

Known for her tenacity and innovative thinking, Jordan Rose has always been at the cutting edge of the industry. She has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of legal matters and has a passion for finding creative solutions to complex problems. Her expertise spans various areas, including land use, zoning, real estate development, and water law.

Beyond her professional achievements, Jordan Rose is also a dedicated community leader and philanthropist. She actively contributes to the betterment of society and gives back to her community in meaningful ways. Her commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the legal realm.

As the owner of Rose Law Group, Jordan Rose continues to lead by example, inspiring her team to deliver exceptional legal services to clients. Her entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication have solidified Rose Law Group’s position as a trusted and respected law firm.

Chris Webb is a highly accomplished professional in the field of land development and project management. Currently serving as a Partner and Director of the Land Development Solutions Group at Rose Law Group, Chris brings a wealth of expertise and strategic vision to his role.

With a passion for economic development and a deep understanding of the industry, Chris plays a vital role in shaping the growth and success of the Town of Queen Creek as Vice-Chair of the Economic Development Commission. His dedication to promoting economic vitality and creating opportunities for businesses is commendable.

As an integral part of the Rose Law Group team, Chris’s contributions are instrumental in driving effective project management and delivering innovative solutions. With three office locations in Scottsdale, Flagstaff, and Sulphur, Rose Law Group is well-positioned to serve its clients across multiple regions.

Chris Webb’s professional accomplishments and leadership make him a trusted advisor and an invaluable asset to the Rose Law Group. His commitment to excellence, combined with his extensive knowledge of land development, enables him to provide clients with comprehensive guidance and strategic insights.


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