Sustainable Success: Embracing the Circular Economy with Ditte Lysgaard Vind #sustainablefuture

Join us as we explore the future of sustainable business with Ditte Lysgaard Vind, a leading expert in circular economy solutions. In this insightful conversation, Ditte shares her vision for a regenerative and waste-free world, and how businesses can thrive by embracing the principles of circular economy.

From reducing waste and pollution to driving innovation and growth, Ditte discusses the benefits of adopting a circular approach to business and life. Whether you’re a entrepreneur, policymaker, or simply curious about sustainable living, this video will inspire and empower you to join the circular economy movement.

More about Ditte Lysgaard Vind

Author of Danish Design heritage & global sustainability. Ditte Lysgaard Vind is a renowned circular economy and design expert and practitioner, based in Denmark. Ditte is known for pioneering new materials as well asbusiness models while sharing the knowledge gained from practice through teaching and thought leadership. She is the founder of The Circular Way and the Chairwoman of the Danish Design Council.

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0:00 Introduction to MAC & Bleu
0:45 Introduction to Ditte Lysgaard Vind
1:42 About Ditte Lysgaard Vind
3:43 Ditte Lysgaard Vind Introduction into Danish Design Heritage
5:30 JJ & Ditte Discuss Design Differences
7:45 Ditte & JJ Discuss Design Use Cases
12:00 Discussion on Energy Uses / Subsidies
14:00 ESG and the USA
15:35 Defining the circular economy22:00 Discussion on Planetary Boundries
26:00 The Four Pillars (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replace)
36:00 Recycling and Waste Streams
38:20 Technology and Biogenics43:00 Results, ROI on ESG / Sustainability
46:30 Bridging Academia and Capital Markets
50:45 How to Contact Ditte Lysgaard Vind

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