The Custom Blend of Humor and Humility With Trent Duncan

Trent Duncan, Director of Construction at Starwood Custom Homes, is a husband and father of 8 children. Originally from Southern California he grew up in Mesa, Az and has called that home since 1987. He is a unicorn when it comes to functional personality. In one aspect he is a total clown but has mastered the art of easing tension through humor. In another aspect he is a serious finisher and is completely passionate about bettering systems and achieving objectives as quickly as possible. He has bench pressed 225 lbs 32 times consecutively, and only put that in his bio to intimidate you the reader. He has been in custom home building since 2001 with a small 3 year break where he did large commercial bakery construction across the U.S. He is passionate about self education and especially with a focus on human endurance and overcoming hardships.

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