TPRM? What is it, why is it important to you!

Krista Dossey is the Trade Partner Relations Manager at Agate Construction. She has been with the company for almost 4 years (March). She started at Agate as a Contract Admin, a position she was unfamiliar with. Over the years she has become knowledgeable in contracts and insurance thanks to her team which encourages growth.

Mac and Bleu is the hot new podcast dedicated to all things related to building Arizona. Topics discussed range from construction, economic development, supply chain, and market segments.

Mac & Bleu also includes diversity in construction, local politics affecting construction, women in construction, construction technology, and more.

The host, JJ Levenske of Bleuwave have their finger on the pulse of the people building Arizona.

The show brings in the brightest minds in their perspective positions and industries and JJ has the unique ability to touch on the subject matter that you want to hear.

If you want to know whoโ€™s building Arizona, tune in and subscribe to Mac and Bleu today!


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