Turning Culture into Cash: Matt Blanton’s Business Insights #businesscoaching

Meet Matt Blanton: Co-Founder and Coach at Culture to Cash!

In Episode 111, we deep dive into Matt’s early business experiences that led to the creation of Culture to Cash and his journey into coaching. We explore real-world coaching use cases, highlighting both successes and failures, and dig into the mental aspects of coaching. Whether you’re launching a new venture, running an established business, or planning your exit strategy, “Turning Culture into Cash: Matt Blanton’s Business Insights” is packed with valuable insights and resources for every stage of your business journey.

About Matt Blanton

I’ve built, acquired, and sold several businesses over the last 17 years. I’ve had some mistakes, and I’ve had plenty of wins, but I can honestly say I absolutely love the game of business. Building a great company starts with great people. Aligning the vision, purpose and collective efforts of the human capital takes focus. As a coach, I empower rhythmic execution processes to create a dynamic and highly functional team, where a healthy culture can thrive.

At Culture to Cash, we push for increase in profits and top line growth while driving the long term enterprise value. Coaching for the No. 1 transformational program for men, I’ve developed the bridge of coaching the whole CEO from personal to professional. Linking exponential growth in family, health and business. Business and life balance can be like a Rubik’s cube, but if you have the right sequence of moves, life can be a joyous endeavor.

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