About the Show

Mac and Bleu is your go-to podcast for the innovative minds shaping our nation's future.

This is where the gritty world of BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP meets the frontier of emerging technology. We invite you to join us on this exploration into the transformative power of blockchain, AI, the Metaverse, and both virtual and augmented reality within the construction, business and entrepreneur market segments.

Our conversations are as diverse as they are enlightening, traversing the topics of economic development, supply chains, diverse market sectors, and celebrate the rich diversity underpinning each industry. But that’s not all, we also dive into the intricate interplay between local politics and business, highlighting the far-reaching impact of political decisions on different market segments.

On top of that, we amplify the voices and achievements of women and minorities who are trailblazing their way through today’s complex and ultra competitive business and entrepreneurship landscape.

The host, JJ Levenske of Bleuwave General Contracting is deeply committed, with his heart, intellect, and keen insight, to those who are shaping our tomorrow.  On top of that, the show brings the brightest minds in their perspective positions and industries with JJ having the unique ability to touch on the trending subjects and topics that you want to hear.

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Mac & Bleu Host

JJ Levenske (Bleu)

President - Bleuwave General Contracting

JJ Levenske is a seasoned construction executive with over 30 years of experience in the commercial and industrial sectors.

From pre-construction services to complex quality controls and close-outs, he brings a commitment to delivering the highest levels of professionalism and customer service.

J.J.’s dedication to construction has allowed him to become an industry expert which he aims to share with customers and investors alike.

J.J. does not believe in mediocrity and strives to see the “end at the beginning” for each project, effectuating a higher return on investment for the entire team.

Early on in his career, J.J. worked as a cost engineer conducting feasibility estimates, strategic capital estimates, cost planning, and analysis of value engineering for the technology, petrochemical, and food industries. He went on to develop and implement a variety of systems for estimating, scheduling, resource management, and cost tracking while holding Project Manager and Senior Management Positions.

During his tenure, JJ has been involved in $1 billion worth of construction services. A strong entrepreneurial acumen allows him to be the perfect advocate for your facility-based business solutions.

Mac & Bleu Reviews

"What’s unique, out of the box interview. Great podcast! Really enjoying the podcast. The various guests are opening my horizons. Robert and JJ do a fabulous job. Looking forward to future guests."
Pamela A.
"How did you pull that off? Two of the best, if not THE best luxury home builders in Arizona. Well done guys, and a great episode."
Jack O.
"Robert and JJ are doing big things in Arizona! If you are looking for great content related to all things Arizona, this is the podcast to listen to! Keep it up!"
Ryan K.