From Selling SkyMall To Building The Future With ZenniHome

Say hello to serial “problem solver and entrepreneur”, Bob Worsley, Founder of ZenniHome. This week we explore Bob’s early background in accounting leading to his startup, SkyMall in the late 90s. We also get a glimpse into Bob’s political experience while in the Arizona State Senate leading to his current role at ZenniHome. So much to unpack, a “common sense” approach from a passionate #entrepreneur.

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Bob Worsley is a seasoned entrepreneur and former Arizona State Senator known for his innovative ventures. He is the Founder and CEO of ZenniHome, a company focused on addressing the housing crisis through modular building and sustainable solutions. Bob is also renowned for founding SkyMall, a pioneering in-flight catalog retailer. With a track record of entrepreneurial success and a passion for sustainable housing solutions, Bob Worsley is a prominent figure in the business and political spheres.

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