Multigenerational Growth & Relentless Execution with Mike Bontrager

Mike Bontrager shares his journey from his early experiences in construction to becoming known as the “fix it” guy in his field. He discusses the challenges he faced during the recession and his efforts to merge generations in the workforce. Throughout the interview, Bontrager reflects on his career, offering advice and insights for the future of the industry.

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Mike Bontrager is a visionary and makes it real through sound strategy. He grows organizations by understanding market trends and leveraging talent and resources with relentless execution. He is a servant leader energized by solving complex problems for customers, colleagues and other organizations. Respected as creator of high performing cultures, a strategic decision maker and good communicator.

Mike Bontrager oversees the strategic direction and overall growth performance of the Arizona office. With 41 years of construction experience, he directs all activities including pre-construction, scheduling, project and field management, marketing and business development. Mike’s expertise includes growing organizations through market introduction, market sector growth and a service-oriented culture. His role extends to showcasing Alston’s reputation for integrity, community involvement and client-centric solutions. 

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