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Jason Roth is the founder and Managing Member of Payroll Experts LLC. Payroll Experts offers a full suite of customized workforce management solutions, delivered by highly skilled and experienced Payroll, Human Resource and Technical experts.

Unique HR & Payroll Outsourcing Industry experience starting in 1986.

During my career, I have developed markets in some of the most complex cities in the nation (including Southern California, New York, Chicago, Seattle). I have managed rapid growth environments and led numerous acquisition teams. My strengths are in team development and business analysis (I have a long track record of extremely accurate forecasting).

l received my CPP certification (the highest certification in the payroll industry) in 1995, and I have vast experience in working with large management groups and high profile restaurants in major cities. I act as an Industry Expert for a firm that offers advice to Hedge Fund Managers regarding the Payroll Service Outsourcing Industry. This keeps me up to date through various sources on the latest in systems, finance, management and policy for Public and Private Payroll Service providers.

My goal is to use my knowledge and hands on experience to develop Payroll and HCM solutions that truly improve the functionality of our client’s organizations.

George Dorsey of Enterprise Division, has been in sales for close to 14 years with over 12 years experience in the HCM space. I specialize in construction and hospitality!!


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